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Assessment of current project management efficiency

Existing Project Management methodology (PM)

Work to introduce PM methodology or to increase the efficiency of an existing methodology always starts with analysis of the now.

Process discipline

Special attention is paid to process discipline during the analysis of corporate standards in PM, because failure in this is a common cause of inefficient PM.

Expertise of PM team members

We assess the knowledge of all employees participating in the project to identify strengths and weaknesses.


Regarding the efficiency of current PM methodology, process discipline and personal expertise.

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Evolution of the future PM model

Correction of the existing PM model or introduction of a new one

Based on the results of the investigation on the previous step we propose:

  • - either action directed towards increased efficiency of the existing PM standards
  • - or introduction of comprehensive PM methodology from scratch


The basis of the recommendations depends on availability of the methodology and its efficiency. In case of an incomplete system or lack of any standards we will recommend the introduction of a comprehensive PM methodology.

Increasing the efficiency of the existing PM methodology

Depending on the missing elements the relevant road map will be developed to fill the gaps in business processes, tools used, process discipline and the knowledge of employees.

Introduction of PM methodology

In the case of introduction of PM methodology in companies in which up till now there was none we will recommend PRINCE2 (PRojects In Controlled Environments). It is mandatory in delivery of projects financed by the UK state budget.

This gives you effective management of product creation and strong control over every stage of the project. Our own experience in project delivery repeatedly led us to be confident in the effectiveness of this methodology.

However, this does not rule out a search for alternatives.

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Implementing a plan to provide effective PM in a company.
Training employees in PM methodology

PM training for company employees must carried out regularly and be a component of the annual training calendar. We can deliver training to those employees who did not attend such training in the past or to all company employees in the case of roll out of a new PM methodology.

Launching new processes or a new PM methodology

We control the implementation road map. After an agreed period, we will conduct a PM audit and recommend advice accordingly.

Project delivery by us

We can offer an additional service to partially or wholly deliver a project with our own resources. We have relevant expertise from working in different sectors of industrial production and logistics. This option should be subject to a separate discussion.

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