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In the audit of an enterprise’s project management system, we:

Project Portfolio

Analyze the existing project portfolio and its alignment with the company’s strategic goals.

Role of divisions

Clarify the formal and informal roles of the different divisions/units of the enterprise in project execution as well as how they interact in the project framework.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Carry out Root Cause Analysis of specific project issues, which helps reveal general process failures in project management.

Project resources

Evaluate the company’s existing project staff, their project management skills and expertise; estimate if the project headcount and its skill levels are in line with the demands of the portfolio of strategic projects

Project management organization

Examine the company’s general project management organization: team member roles, their interaction, responsibility matrix (RASIC)

Existing project processes

Scrutinize existing business processes, tools and project management models

Conclusions and

Draw conclusions about the congruency of the existing project organization and business processes with company’s strategic business objectives. Make recommendations for improvement.

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Audit approach

Our audit approach implies:

- a detailed study of existing documentation

- close liaison with the company’s project team members, suppliers, and project customers, consultations with company executives and owners

- study of capitalization of previously run projects

- comparison of findings with industry best practices and application of our own experience

How is your business now

Conclusions about shortcomings in project management are validated with management at all audit stages so that company executives receive an audit report that accurately represents the situation.

The audit
report includes:
Systematic problems
  • Description of systematic problems in the project management system (with examples) and areas for improvement
Recommendations on:
  • - Organizational setup of the project management function
  • - Split of responsibilities in the proposed organization (RASIC)
  • - Business process optimization
  • - Project status tracking and communication models/tools
  • - Formalization of the collaboration on projects of company divisions/units
  • - Choice of project management tools
  • Examples of effective project management organizations from identical industries (best practices)
  • Proposal of an implementation road map with a detailed action plan
  • Estimation of benefits delivered through the implementation of the action plan.
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