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Roman Kurnosov

Experience 25 years

Key areas of activity

Manufacturing, Engineering, Planning, Supply Chain, PMO, experience in Automobile and FMCG industries
  • Built an integrated regional engineering organization out of 140+ people scattered across 8 sites / 5 countries; its structure was adopted as BAT’s corporate organizational footprint
  • Established regional PMO to manage projects in line with Prince2 methodology
  • Managed a portfolio of 110+ engineering/manufacturing projects with overall investment of 68 M€ / year
  • Defined and implemented the strategic supply chain solution for the Renault component supply with the overall budget of 34 M€
  • Conducted manufacturing productivity audits at the production sites in 7 countries on 4 continents
  • Ensured vehicle production OEE growth up to 96%, production loss reduction by 25%, manufacturing costs decrease by 7 M€/year
  • Optimized the overall inventory of finished goods and raw materials in BAT Russia by 25% (or 15 M€) without impacting the service level
  • Led supply chain optimization initiatives and delivered 14 M€/year operational cost reduction
Head of Production Engineering Department Renault Russia Plant OEE improvement and loss reduction project


Was in charge of cross-functional activities directed to deliver improvements with paint shop quality losses and plant OEE. In the course of the project:

  • Cross-functional project team was mobilized
  • The project team carried out production process audits, analyzed performance statistics, did RCA for the key performance losses, identified the weak points in the processes and developed correction actions based on the best practices from other Renault plants
  • An action plan and implementation road map were proposed. All actions were assessed against expected costs and benefits and prioritized
  • Plant KPI system was revised based on the new priorities while the staff motivation system was re-enforced to support improvements’ execution
  • Daily performance tracking system was rolled-out in the teams with PDCA approach applied to ensure improvement action effectiveness


Project results:

  • Plant OEE grew up from 90 to 96% in 6 months
  • Paintshop quality losses decreased by 25% within 6 months
  • Applied project management approach became a benchmark for future cross-functional projects in the company
Project Manager Renault Russia Stamping production relocation project


Led strategic cross-functional project to resolve the threat of critical stamping capacity loss for Renault business in Russia and define long-term optimal solution for stamped part supply in Russia. Due to the problem scale, any solution to the problem would demand high level of investment and had to be validated by the company’s Board.


Potential solutions were developed in close collaboration with Renault manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, logistics, finance, corporate relationships, Renault global team, current and alternative suppliers, representatives of local authorities. I coordinated and aligned activities of the teams, carried out technical analysis and financial evaluation of the solutions to identify a balanced feasible scenario with reasonable investment and lowest risk profile.



Project results:

  • The proposed solution and respective business case for 35 M€ investment were approved by Renault Board
  • The project was successfully delivered in 2018-2019 under my coordination in line with schedule and budget and acknowledged by the company as one of the 5 best projects of 2019
Regional Head of Plan and Supply BAT-Eastern Europe Supply Chain Inventory reduction project


Directed the cross-functional project team working to decrease finished goods and raw material inventories while assuring 100% service level to the customers.


In the project we:

  • Applied up-to-date mathematical models and tools for optimum inventory modelling
  • Introduced joint project groups with dealers to improve demand forecasting accuracy
  • Revisited company’s SOP processes and improved accuracy and transfer rate of operational information
  • Revised production cycles, production batch sizes, dispatch frequency with the factories
  • Launched advanced supply models (EOQ, VMI, call-offs) with the key suppliers
  • Developed and fully aligned with Sales a phased approach for improvement action execution that would minimize risks of Out of Stock and service level drop


Project results:

  • Forecast accuracy improved by 15%
  • Overall inventory level of finished goods and raw materials went down by 25% (by 15 M€)
  • Customer service level was fully maintained through the project
Regional Engineering Manager BAT-Eastern Europe Establishment of regional engineering function


As a functional head in the newly created Eastern Europe region (with 7 production sites) I led transformation activities to set up an integrated regional engineering function:

  • Built an integrated engineering project team (more than 110 engineers) with unified mission, strategy, objectives, systems, standards, tools and metrics who could handle the portfolio of 100+ projects/year with overall investments exceeding 68 M€ /year
  • Established regional PMO office assuring project implementation in line with Prince2 method Introduced Capital Expenditure management system aligning local, regional and global budget activities
  • Developed and rolled out long-term strategies for production asset management, productivity improvement, automation and “green” technology introduction
  • Set up regular training programs for the team, knowledge sharing with other regions, global best practice roll-out in Eastern Europe


Results achieved:

  • The created engineering organization was globally recognized in BAT as adopted as global organizational footprint
  • Thanks to the implemented project portfolio 12 M€ operating cost saving was delivered. Production line OEE at regional level was improved by 5%
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