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The basis of creation of an organizational structure of project management is:

Project portfolio

Assessment of the company’s project portfolio and its correspondence to strategic goals.

Existing organizational structure

Assessment of the existing project management structure in respect of project quantity and complexity. Familiarity with the roles and responsibilities of anybody associated with project activities.

Project management expertise

Project management knowledge assessment of all company employees involved in project activities.


Concerning the efficiency of the existing project management structure.

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How we develop an organizational structure

Our recommendation is based on a standard structure of project management methodology and calculated workload for project participants.  

We would like to note that an additional resource in project management is not always an additional headcount in the company. A competent approach to the organizational construction of the project team aims to minimize such an impact, and, ideally, to exclude it. Proper distribution of roles, loads, maximum use of the matrix management system and other mechanisms allows you to achieve optimal results in this area without creating an additional financial burden on the business and cost pressure on the project budget.

Base organizational structure

We adapt the existing structure to increase efficiency.

Optimal organizational structure

We develop alternative variants of organizational structure which will correspond to the company’s project activity complexity wise and expected speed of implementation. We assess the timelines and future operational costs.


We will benchmark at least two developed organizational structures. All pros and cons will be aggregated to make logical recommendations.

How we introduce an organizational structure

Choice of cooperation model. The implementation process will depend on the chosen cooperation model.

There are several options:
On your own
  • After the recommended structure has been approved the Consultant is no longer involved. The company implements the chosen variant itself
With the participation of the Consultant
  • The Consultant participates in implementation of organizational structure, candidate assessment and carries out training of new project participants. By agreement, the Consultant will conduct periodical audits of adherence to project management methodology
Additional Resources
  • Further to p.2 The Consultant supplies own resources, in part or in full, to deliver the project. In this case the audit activity of the Consultant should be reviewed in order to avoid conflict of interest.
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