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Consultation and Implementation

Business process,how it should be


on launching a new product/service


of costs and lead times

Turnkey Implementation

turnkey project management systems

Who our customers are
Business owners

who want to avoid unforeseen losses in the implementation of investment projects. To establish transparency in all stages of product development

Company executives

who want to have projects realized in a planned and controlled manner at all stages

Project managers

who strive for the effective management of product / service creation at each stage

Anyone who is engaged in business

and is involved in value chain creation

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What we can do
better than others

Do you want to create a new product or service, change company culture but do not know where to start?

Have you started construction of a new manufacturing facility or modernization of a current one and encountered deadline overruns, budget overspends without full understanding of actual project status?

Then contact us as soon as possible!
01 Audit and analysis
  • we will carry out thorough analysis of current / planned project management processes
  • we will reveal weak areas in the organizational model and points of loss generation
  • we will propose appropriate measures and tools to ensure successful project implementation
02 Project management
methodology implementation
  • we will train employees in the methodology of project management
  • we will roll out project management processes (in your organization)
  • we will correct the existing methodology in your organization with the goal of improving efficiency
03 Creation of the project management organizational structure
  • we will develop and introduce a project management organizational structure without excessive cost pressure:
    • with maximum utilization of available resources
    • with minimum involvement of external expertise
  • we will clearly outline robust role profiles for all project members
04 A regulatory framework for Project Management
  • Support in creation of a regulatory framework
  • Integration into the existing document flow of the company

Launch of new goods/services onto the market and for internal use:
  1. Construction of new buildings and facilities
  2. Extension and modernization of existing production areas
  3. Design, installation, modernization of internal and external engineering systems
  4. Piloting of technological equipment: installation, commissioning and launching of mass production
  5. Innovative consumer goods and components: testing and launch into mass production
  6. Re-engineering of business processes
Methodologies and integrations:
  1. Integrated Work System implementation (Lean Manufacturing)
  2. Installation and integration of ERP, MES, SCADA
  3. Introduction of Track & Trace systems
Work with personnel and cultural change:
  1. Elaboration and implementation of Company Strategy
  2. Elaboration and Implementation of KPIs Dashboard
  3. Development and introduction of organizational structures
  4. Conducting Project Management training
  5. Audit of project teams
  6. Delivery of Cultural change projects
  7. Creation of a regulatory framework for Project Management
Various geographies of project delivery
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • Poland

The geographical scope of projects is not limited

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Our team
Robert Milton

Experience 42 years

Key areas of activity

Logistics, Change Management, Commercial Contracting, Project management
Dmitry Osovik

Experience 34 years

Key areas of activity

Operations, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Integrated Work System, Project management methodology implementation, Portfolio project management in construction and FMCG industries
Roman Kurnosov

Experience 25 years

Key areas of activity

Manufacturing, Engineering, Planning, Supply Chain, PMO, experience in Automobile and FMCG industries
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